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China's super-yacht production capacity has steadily increased to rank among the top ten in the world

date:2018-10-17 09:55:17

Whether using composite materials, steel or aluminum, the production capacity of Chinese superyachts has ranked among the top ten

 in the world. According to the 2008-2009 order report released by Show Boats, the total length of orders for super-yacht above 80 feet

 in China will be expected to exceed 3,000 feet in the near future, which will undoubtedly bring more to the traditional shipbuilding 

countries in the West. pressure.

In fact, the record of Chinese yacht manufacturers producing large yachts is indeed constantly being refreshed. Nearly two-thirds of the

 super-yacht production projects use composite materials, and the rest are mainly steel hull and aluminum alloy hull superstructure.

Take the yacht manufacturer on the south coast of China as an example. Xiamen Tangrong Yacht has successfully built an 86-foot 

superyacht for Nordhavn and is currently planning the construction of a 120-foot composite superyacht. Zhuhai Xian Song Yacht is 

producing a 127-foot composite superyacht; Zhuhai Sanyo Shipbuilding Co. has begun to set foot on an 80-foot yacht; a 100-foot 

yacht on Bondway has also settled in Hong Kong.

In addition, local yacht manufacturing giants such as Xianli, Double Happiness or Shenzhou have also shifted their production focus to 

super-yachts over 80 feet, aiming to increase the production capacity of China's composite material super-yacht and strive to establish 

itself in the international market. .

In addition to yacht manufacturers using composite materials, there are also some shipyards that mainly build traditional steel hull 

structures. Guangdong’s Xianli and Donghai ships, Shandong’s Yantai Raffles and Fowler boats have been in existence for several 

years. Based on production, we have accumulated rich experience and gained certain market recognition. The emergence of Wuhan 

Nanhua Express Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., which cooperates with the US Megayacht Group, has injected a lot of vitality into the local 

steel structure shipbuilding market. In addition to the 67-meter yacht being built, Nanhua has several super The yacht production 

project is in the planning stage, which also includes a 31-meter yacht built for the Italian Navetta shipbuilding company.

Shipyards distributed in the Pearl River Delta region are certainly the core strength of China's superyacht manufacturing industry, but 

we cannot ignore the potential of other regions. The Dinglin Shipbuilding Company, located in Shanghai, officially opened the door to 

the production of steel superyachts this year.

Mr. He Jinbao, President of Dinglin Shipbuilding Co., acquired the state-owned Chongming Shipyard two years ago. Through large-scale

 factory renovation and technical equipment renovation, he invested in the construction of today's Dinglin Shipbuilding Company. The 

company's existing shipbuilding equipment can smoothly undertake under 65 meters. OEM production tasks for steel-aluminum 


When talking about the original intention of the factory, He said frankly, "Chongming Island is only 30 minutes away from Shanghai, and 

it is strategic to produce super-large yachts here." This is also the case. Chongming Island has been planned by the government as The

 largest world shipbuilding base in the Yangtze River Delta region, the total production in 2015 is expected to reach 12 million DWT.

In terms of scale, Dinglin's total area is 40,000 square meters, and the workshop is 81 meters long, 27 meters wide and 16 meters high 

(under the hook). The shipyard enjoys the 500-meter wharf shoreline and has advanced production such as W11S-12*6000 stick-type 

universal three-roller and CNCSG7000 CNC plasma cutting machine. Dinglin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. with complete hardware facilities is 

undoubtedly the top leisure boat manufacturer in China. Currently, the shipyard is doing the final sprint for its 45-meter iron catamaran 


In order to further expand the business scope on the existing basis, Ding Lin participated in the 2008 Shanghai International Boat Show

 and gained a lot. According to Mr. He, some European and American companies that have been in contact with them during the 

Shanghai exhibition have taken the initiative to contact them, which means that Dinglin will have the opportunity to undertake more

 cooperation projects.

Many local yacht manufacturers like Dinglin are optimistic when talking about the future production trends of Chinese superyachts. They

 firmly believe that with the advantages of China's abundant labor and low production costs, it will attract more and more. Superyacht 

projects, and these conditions are just beyond the reach of many European countries.

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