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Order Status

1.Introductions for all order status

1)Waiting for money: If you choose the two payment methods of "online payment" and "bank transfer", the order will show "waiting for payment" when the payment has not been received by dangdang. It is suggested that you pay in time.  

2)shipped:If your order has been sent from the warehouse and is being delivered, the order will show "shipped". 

3)deals are done:If your order status is "delivered", the system will default to "successful transaction". 

4) Trade off: If the order is not delivered, failed to be signed after delivery or returned after being signed, the order status will be displayed by default as "failed transaction". 

5)Cancel: If the item in your order is out of stock, or your order exceeds the order retention period, or you cancel the order, the order will be displayed as "cancel".

2.Common problems

1)How to cancel the order? Under the condition of "waiting for payment", you can enter "my order" and click "cancel" button to cancel the order directly.
2) Will choosing "pay online" without payment cancel the order?  Choose online payment. If dangdang does not receive payment within 24 hours after the order is placed, the system will cancel the order automatically. Select online payment - foreign credit card payment. The system will cancel the order automatically if no payment is received within one month after the order is placed.
3) I have not received the goods, but I accidentally clicked "confirm receipt", will you still deliver the goods for me?  Please do not worry. If you click "confirm receipt", we will still deliver the order for you normally. The estimated delivery time can be found in "delivery time and freight".

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