1.About Alipay        

Alipay is the leading independent third-party payment platform, and its commitment to the Chinese e-commerce, provides "simple, safe, fast," online payment solutions, more than 180 foreign and domestic Banks and institutions such as VISA and MasterCard international organizations to establish strategic cooperative relations, and become a financial institution in the field of electronic payment is the most trusted partner. 

2.pay process            

1)Alipay PC termina: 

Step 1: after submitting the order, select "alipay" in the payment platform and click next. 

Step 2: The second page jumps to the alipay cash register. Login to alipay account (need to register) and click next.  

Step 3: enter the payment page and confirm the payment information. Optional balance (including yu 'ebao) payment and bank card quick payment (including cartoon)

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