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Bank Transfer

1)Domestic customers can use any bank in the country to remit money to the account opened by China yacht hardware net in bank of Beijing, China construction bank, agricultural bank and China merchants bank. 2) Generally, the payment time is within 1-3 working days after the transfer procedure. 

3) After the order is submitted successfully, please remit the money in time. After remittance, please enter the order information page and fill in the "payment confirmation". If you fail to fill in the payment information within 24 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system. 

Bank ,   account name : AMOS QINGDAO HAINEL CO.,LTD.,  deposit bank,account number:  

Bank of Beijing:01091233700120102002046,

China Construction Bank:11001042900053001057

The Agricultural Bank of China:11190301040012801

China Merchants Bank:110902055910502

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