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return policyReturns and exchanges policy
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return policyReturns and exchanges policy

1. Judgment on the validity period of return

The return period is valid from 0:00 on the second day after your receipt, subject to the application for return and exchange on the "My Order" page of Huawei Mall. For example, if you sign the goods on March 1st, then from 0:00 on March 2nd, you must submit a return application at the mall on March 8th, or at the latest on March 16th. If you exceed this date, you will not be able to enjoy the return service. In order to protect your rights and interests, please be sure to submit your return application at the first time on the “My Orders” page of the mall. If it is a quality problem, please send the product to the after-sales outlet for testing as soon as possible.

2.About custom products

Customized products refers to the consumer's intervention in the production process of the product to obtain products that meet their own personal attributes, needs and size patterns. For example, the patterns and characters are printed on the designated products, or the products are produced according to their own needs. According to the relevant laws of the country, such goods do not support “Avaliable for return within 7 days for no reason”.

3. Judgment on whether the returned goods meet the warehousing standard

You need to submit a return application to the "My Orders" page of the Mall Personal Center. We will usually review it within 24 hours. After the initial application of the return and exchange application, please return the necessary items as soon as possible, goods will be put into the warehouse after our staff confirm that the items are complete and meet the return and exchange standards, and renew or refund.

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