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Membership Registration Agreement


After you register successfully, China Yacht Hardware Net will open an account for you, as you trade in China Yacht Hardware Net and use the only identity mark when the service of hai nuo, the login name and password of this account will be taken care of by you. You guarantee that in the process of using China Yacht Hardware Net, you shall abide by the principle of good faith, not use China yacht hardware net account for profit-making business activities, not adopt unfair competition behaviors, not disrupt the normal order of online transactions, and not engage in behaviors irrelevant to online transactions. You agree and confirm that China yacht hardware net has the right to unilaterally confirm whether you violate the above commitments, and deal with or terminate the service provided to you according to relevant rules according to the unilateral confirmation, without your consent or prior notice. Users must be accurate when applying for the service of China Yacht Hardware Net.   Explained Specially :   a. The users of China yacht hardware net service are individual consumers, state organs, enterprises, institutions and other social organizations for the purpose of terminal consumption.   b. China Yachting Hardware Net has the right to, in the case of malicious purchase, arbitrage and cash-out, disturb the normal trading order of the market, execute the operations including but not limited to freezing the registered account, freezing the balance in the registered account, freezing the gift card amount, closing the corresponding trading order and refusing the delivery.  c. If you use China yacht hardware, you are responsible for keeping your account and password secret and restricting access to your computer, and you agree to be responsible for all activities that occur under your account and password. 


2.Formation of contracts

Pictures, descriptions and prices on the China yacht hardware website do not constitute an offer. If you order through our website, your order becomes an application or offer to buy the product. We will send you an email confirming receipt of the order with details of the order. However, our approval and acceptance of your contract application will only be established when we send you an email confirming the delivery of the product. If you have ordered multiple products in one order and we only sent you a shipping confirmation email for a portion of them, the contract for that portion will not be established until we send a shipping confirmation email for other products. The ownership and risk of loss of the item is transferred to your party when the item you purchased leaves the warehouse in heino. For the digital products of haino, due to the particularity of its carrier, we will not send you an email informing you of the shipment. After you order the digital products and pay the corresponding price, the contract on the digital products will be established. China Yacht Hardware Net reserves the right to limit the quantity of products ordered. When placing an order, you also acknowledge that you have the right and capacity to purchase these products, and that you are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in the order.

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